Goverment Of Nepal
Ministry of Agricultural Development
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Raising Incomes of Small and Medium Farmers Project (RISMFP)
Web Based MIS

About Web Based MIS System

Given the size and the nature of the project activities, progress/performance tracking assumes a critical role in the management of the project. However, it would be impractical to track and maintain the performance related information from AGF subprojects and other project activities scattered throughout the project districts manually by the project management unit. Based on this context, the Project has developed and operationalized a web based and interactive MIS for Project Management Unit (PMU), for the monitoring and evaluation of project activities implemented under all components that would be undertaken at various field locations by the consultants, NGOs, and other service providers and beneficiaries including cooperatives, groups, agribusinesses, committees and associations.

The project components, activities, parameters considered into the scope of MIS are based on following parameters such as,

  • Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation: web-based MIS for Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) of the programme with appropriate developed Project M&E framework).
  • Knowledge Management System: a system integrated with MIS to categorize, preserve and display various documents generated by the PMU, resource material provided by the service providers and available with the PMU.

The system is expected to assess the hands on actual information of project intervention. This includes the process, progress, problems/compliance and performance of the approved activities performed using key monitoring indicators. The established system will help for collecting data on specified indicators to provide management and the main stakeholders of project intervention with indications of the extent of progress and achievement of objectives and progress in the use of allocated fund.